The birth of Woods

Jesse is a Mother to Drover & Woods and Wife to Cam, and is without a doubt one of the most special people i’ve ever met in my life. I was so excited when Jesse first contacted me and asked me to shoot the birth of her second baby for her, but I had no idea just how incredible the experience would be. After patiently waiting for almost two weeks past her due date, I finally got a text from Jesse at Midnight Christmas night saying her waters had broken, I arrived at Jesse and Cam’s home at 6am Boxing Day morning. When I arrived the space was so calm, Jesse was in her home birth bath and was breathing through her contractions (which were around 4 minutes apart at this stage). By 11am Jesse, Cam and both of Jesse’s incredible midwives made the decision to go to Hospital to keep a closer eye on baby, as his heart rate was a little high.

Once Jesse arrived at the Hospital she jumped in the shower and stayed there for a few hours, slowly contracting and breathing her baby downwards. I have never seen anything quiet like it, Jesse was so incredibly strong and determined to have her VBAC and did everything she could to achieve it. By 8pm she was getting tired, she had been up for 2 days slowly labouring so the decision was made to have an epidural and be placed on a drip so she could have a rest and get things moving at the same time. 5am the following morning Jesse had finally fully dilated and it was time to push!

A few hours later Woods Alfred Scholten was born via a successful VBAC, I could hardly see what I was shooting because tears flooded my eyes and everybody else’s in the room. I feel so incredibly privileged to have been apart of those special few days, and have never seen anything like Jesse’s persistence, determination and calmness in my life. I am so lucky to call this beautiful family friend’s of mine now! Without a doubt one of the most special experiences of my life.

Lucy x

Couldn’t of done it without you all . We actually laughed so much and had such a great time (minus the contractions) I actually just felt like I was hanging in a room with all my besties, naked.
So much love xx
— @jessegirl_