A few questions answered!


Is there a deposit required to book a session?

Once we have decided on a date and time I will send you through your client portal. it will include your contract, your invoice and any necessary questionnaires. Your invoice will outline that a 50% deposit is required to lock In your session. The remainder is due one week prior to our session, although I am more than happy to sort out a payment plan with you, if need be!

Where will our session take place?

This is totally up to you! You have two options: The first is in the comfort of your home. It is so special to look back on those in home session in years to come. The Next option is an outdoor location.. Somewhere special to your family, a field, by the ocean, in a cafe eating Ice cream.. Where ever you want! I am always open to any ideas you have and love shooting in new spots! Let’s go on an adventure together!

I’m worried my kids are going to be crazy..

All kids have their moments and can be wild, it’s what makes these family sessions so special! They are real and show raw emotions. I have two wildlings of my own.. I know crazy, believe me! You just have to turn up and have fun, I will keep those little ones of yours entertained, I promise they will enjoy themselves! I won’t make them pose or do anything they are not comfortable with. Something that I do tell my families is that if you are still worried, bring along a few things like some favourite treats or bubbles!

How long until I will receive my gallery?

A few days after our session I will send you a little sneak peek, keep an eye on my social media as I sometimes post extras on there too! My gallery turn around is 4 weeks, although I do hope to get your images to you as soon as possible!

What happens if we get sick or you get sick?

If you or your family get unwell before our session, we will postpone if need be. Same goes for me, if I am unwell we will postpone to a later date, especially if little ones are involved. There are no fees for postponing, I understand that things happen!

What happens if it’s raining or forecast to rain?

I shoot in all kinds of weather, just not when it’s raining! We will make a decision on the day of your session as to whether or not we need to postpone.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes is do. I know that it can be quite an investment upfront and I am happy to help out to make this much more manageable for you and your family. Get in touch with me and we can go from there.